Cancel if Discount Date is prior To

Cancel if Discount Date is prior to field in the AP Payment Workfile form

For those transactions offering discounts, enter the discount date to use when determining whether the discount may be taken or not. Discounts will be taken for all transactions with a discount date equal to or greater than this date. If the discount date specified for a payable transaction is prior to this date, the discount will not be taken.

If you specify a date here and you have also selected the If available, use Discount Date check box, it will affect how canceled discounts are handled. For more information, see Adding Invoices with Discounts to a Payment Batch.

This field is disabled if either of the following check boxes are selected in the AP Company Parameters form:

  • PayTypes/Discounts/ICR tab: Post Discounts Offered to GL and Net Amounts to Subledgers

  • Invoice Options tab: Using tax discount