CM Acct

For invoices with a payment method of check or EFT, the default value in this field comes from one of the following:

  • AP Transaction Entry form

  • Batch posted from MS Haul Payment Worksheet or MS Material Payment Worksheet

  • From the CM Acct to use if not assigned in the transaction field on this form

For invoices with a payment method of credit service, this field defaults from the CM Acct # field in the AP Company Parameters form (Payment Services tab).

Accept the default value or enter a different valid CM account for the invoice.

If you change the Pay Method field for this invoice, the system will update this field based on the default information above.


If you have specified a credit service CM account in the AP Company Parameters form, and you are paying this vendor with a different method (either check or EFT), the system will display a warning if you enter the credit service CM account. You will be allowed to save the record, however.