Release Hold Code

The Release Hold Code check box on the AP Payment Workfile form, Lines grid.

Select this check box to release the hold code associated with this line item. When you remove the hold code from th is line, the system clears the On Hold check box.

If you select this check box and there is more than one hold code associated with the line, the system displays the AP Payment Control Detail form. You must then use that form to release hold codes.

Note: You cannot use this feature to release retainage; you must release retainage using AP Release Retainage. If you select this check box and line item has only a retainage hold, a message displays indicating you must use the AP Release Retainage to release retention. For lines with multiple holds, you can use AP Payment Detail to release only the non-retainage holds.

For information about releasing retainage, see Release Retainage for an AP Invoice.