The Amount field on the AP Release Retainage (US)/Retention (AU)/Holdback (CA) form.

Enter the amount of retainage to release or accept the defaulted amount (original retainage amount less any retainage already released).

The amount you enter cannot exceed the total held retention. For example, if the total held retention is 100.00, you can enter an amount between 0.01 and 100.00.

For negative retention invoices, enter the amount to release as a negative amount. For example, if the total held amount is -100.00, enter an amount between -0.01 and -100.00.

Note: If you are placing retainage back on hold (that is, you selected the Put previously released back on hold? check box), this field defaults the amount previously released and cannot be changed. You must 'un-release' the full amount that was released.