Put Previously Released Back on Hold?

The Put Previously Released back on hold? check box on the AP Release Retainage (US)/Retention (AU)/Holdback (CA) form, Selection Criteria section.

Select this check box to place released retainage back on hold for transactions added to the batch. The system automatically sets the Type field to 1-Undo Release for all transactions added to the grid.

Once selected, the Original Release Date field is enabled.

Do not select this check box if you are releasing retainage for payable transactions.
Note: When putting retainage back on hold, you must use the same batch month as the month in which you originally released the retainage. For example, if you release retainage in month 06/20, you must undo the release in month 06/20.
Note: The system does not allow mixed release types in the same batch; that is, released retainage transactions that you want place on hold must be in a separate batch than those transactions for which you are releasing retainage. Therefore, only select this check box if the batch does not contain transactions for releasing retainage.