CM Reference# / Starting CM Reference #

The CM Reference# / Starting CM Reference# field in the AP Viewpoint ePayments Export form.

The title of this field changes to Starting CM Reference # when you select the Use multiple CM Reference #s check box.

  • If not using multiple CM reference numbers - This number is assigned to each payment within this Viewpoint ePayments file and must be unique within the CM Account. This field is alphanumeric and allows up to 10 characters.
    Note: To keep each payment record unique, the system appends a sequence number to the CM Reference #.
  • If using multiple CM reference numbers - Enter the starting CM reference number (up to 10 digits) for payments in this Viewpoint ePayments file. The system assigns a separate CM reference number to each payment in the file, starting with the CM reference number specified here, and skipping any reference numbers already in use.
    Note: The next time you run an export, the system defaults a starting CM reference number based on the last number used.