Transmit Credit Service Payment Files to Comdata

If you have saved generated Comdata payment request files to your workstation, you can transmit those files to Comdata using the AP FTP form.

You must have entered information you received from Comdata into the VA Site Settings form.

See Setting up credit services with Comdata for more information.

To transmit request files to Comdata:
  1. Open the AP FTP form.
    The Url, Port, User ID, and Password fields default the values defined in the VA Site Settings form (which were provided to you by Comdata). Accept the default values.
  2. If the Connection Status field says "No connection", click Connect to connect Vista to Comdata's FTP server.
  3. Click Browse to select the folder containing the request file you saved on your local workstation.
  4. From the list of files in the Local Folder pane, select the payment request file.
  5. Click Transfer to send the request file to Comdata.