Edit Payment Workfile Transactions

Once you have added transactions to the AP Payment Workfile form, you can use the header and detail grids to edit transaction information.

The grids contain all transaction (and associated lines) that met the selection criteria you entered for the initialization process. Out-of-compliance transactions and lines display in red.
  1. In the header grid, as needed, edit the Disc Date, Due Date, Pay Control, Pay Method, CM Acct, and Supplier fields.
    Note: If you added payments without specified vendors into the workfile, the Vendor field is typically the only field requiring an edit.
  2. In the detail grid, as needed for each line item, edit the Disc Offered, Disc Taken, Due Date, and Supplier fields. Refer to the F1 help for more information on each header and line field.
    Note: If you change a line’s Due Date field, the system does not update the header’s Due Date field. However, the system uses it as the default date when you add the transaction to a payment batch or re-add it to a workfile.
  3. If you need to modify payment information for a transaction/line, select File > Tasks > Additional Pay Control Functions to access the AP Payment Control Detail form.
  4. Make edits as needed (such as hold status, applying a partial payment, change the offered or taken discount, etc.). For more information, see AP Payment Control Detail.
    Note: Although you can put a line on hold or remove a hold, this applies only to non-retainage holds. You cannot use this form to hold or release retainage. Retainage holds are placed on transactions in the AP Transaction Entry, AP Unapproved Invoice Entry, or AP Recurring Invoices forms, and must be released using the AP Release Retainage form. For more information, see Release Retainage for an AP Invoice.