Remove Transactions from the Workfile

You can remove all transactions or just specific ones from the AP Payment Workfile form.

The AP Payment Workfile is a tool you can use to gather and prepare invoices for payment. Because you can make edits to invoice data in this form, all invoices that are currently in a payment workfile are not accessible by any other users in any other form. This prevents inadvertent changes.

When you are done using the tool, you may opt to remove them from the workfile without having paid them. Removing them allows other users to access the record in other forms.
Note: If you close the form while transactions exist in the workfile, a message displays asking if you want to clear the workfile. If you select Yes, the workfile is cleared and the form closed. If you select No, the form is closed, but the workfile is left intact.
  1. To remove specific transactions from the workfile, do the following:
    1. Highlight the transactions to remove.
    2. Click the Delete button in the toolbar.
  2. To remove all transactions from the workfile, select File > Tasks > Clear Workfile.
All transactions are removed from the workfile. The form remains open so that you can initialize or manually add new transactions as needed.