Clear & Void AP Checks for Non-Posted Transactions

You can clear or void checks for non-posted AP payment transactions using the AP Check Print form.

Non-posted AP check transactions appear in the AP Payment Posting form. Use that form to process and post the transactions after you print checks. For more information, see AP Payment Posting.
Some examples of when you might need to clear or void checks are:
  • Situation 1: All the checks that have printed so far are wrong (the check numbers in the system do not match the check stock in the printer). In this case, you will need to stop the printing before the check run is finished, void or clear checks as necessary, and then print the checks again.

  • Situation 2: After the checks finish printing, you notice a problem (such as a printer jam) occurred part way through the check run and checks are ruined and/or printed incorrectly. ​In this case, you will need to void the checks and then print them again.

To clear or void checks for non-posted AP payment transactions:

  1. From the main menu, select Accounts Payable > Programs > AP Payment Posting.
    The AP Payment Posting Detail form displays.
  2. Select File > Print Checks.
    The AP Check Print form displays.
  3. In the CM Account field, enter the payment account or press F4 to select from a list of CM accounts.
  4. In the Paid Date field, enter the payment date.
  5. Select the Clear/Void tab.
  6. In the Beginning Check # and Ending Check # fields, enter the beginning and ending check range. Leave these fields blank to search for all checks.
  7. Click Refresh. All non-posted AP payment transactions display in the grid.
  8. In the Clear/Void Option section, select the appropriate radio button:
    • Select Clear existing Check #s to clear the checks and allow the check numbers to be reused.
    • Select Void existing Check #s to void the checks and disallow reuse of the check numbers.
  9. If you selected to void checks, use the Void Memo field to enter a reason for voiding the checks.
  10. If you selected to clear checks, click the Clear button. If you selected to void checks, click the Void button.
    A confirmation message displays.
  11. Click Yes to continue.
    The system voids or clears selected checks.
  12. Close the form.
Once you clear/void you can reprint the checks. For more information, see Print AP Checks.