About Cross-Updates to PM Firms

The changes you make for a vendor in the AP Vendors form can automatically update the corresponding record in the PM Firms form, and vice-versa.

To use this feature, select the Allow Update from AP check box in the PM Company Parameters form. After you check this box, each time any user changes the information for the vendor, an update confirmation displays. If you select Yes, the corresponding fields in the PM Firms form are updated with the new data. If you select No, the system does not apply your changes the PM Firms form. If you subsequently decide you want the records to match, you will need to update the PM Firms form manually.

Changes in the PM module can also be propagated to the AP module. If you selected the Allow Update Add from PM and Allow Update from PM check boxes in the AP Company Parameters form, the system automatically updates information added or changed for a firm in PM to the corresponding vendor in AP.

However, it is important to note that only specific information is updated between the AP Vendors and PM Firms forms. The following is a list of fields that are updated by these features:

AP Vendors

PM Firms

AP Vendors

PM Firms


Firm Name

Payment City

Mailing City


AP Contact

Payment State

Mailing State

Sort Name

Sort Name

Payment Zip

Mailing Zip



Purchasing Address

Shipping Address



Purchasing Add'l Address

Shipping Add'l Address

Email Address


Purchasing City

Shipping City

Internet Address


Purchasing State

Shipping State

Payment Address

Mailing Address

Purchasing Zip

Shipping Zip

Payment Add'l Address

Mailing Add'l Address