Compliance Code

Enter a valid compliance code for this vendor. The description of the compliance code displays to the right of this field.

Compliance codes assigned here automatically apply to any new subcontract and/or purchase order transactions posted to this vendor; however, this applies only to 'standard' compliance codes (i.e., those not flagged as “all invoice”). All invoice compliance codes (those with the "Use This Code for All Invoice Compliance" checked in HQ Compliance Codes) apply to non-PO/SL invoices only.

When a 'standard' compliance code is added (or deleted), if there are any existing purchase orders and/or subcontracts for the vendor, a window displays with the following options:

  • Update Compliance to Purchase Orders

  • Update Compliance to Subcontracts

Checking either (or both) of these options will update the compliance information in the PO and SL Compliance Tracking tables, as appropriate. (Option is only enabled if there are existing transactions.)