Limit To Vendor

The Limit To Vendor field on the AP Vendor Merge form.

Enter the vendor to use for comparison when searching for duplicate vendors. The system compares all vendors to this vendor and determines possible duplicate vendors using the selected search criteria.

For example, if you select a Confidence Level of Medium and the Identify By: Address check box, the system searches for all vendors with an address that is very similar or somewhat similar to the address of the vendor specified here.

Once the Identify Duplicates process is complete, the system refreshes the grid with your selected vendor and its potential duplicate vendors displayed at the bottom of the grid. You can sort by the MatchID column in descending order to place the vendor and its duplicates at the top of the grid for easier access.

Note: Remember, the system includes the next highest level of confidence when searching for duplicate vendors. For example, if you select the Medium confidence level, the system includes the High confidence level in the duplicate vendor search.