Addenda Type

Addenda Type field in the AP Vendors form, Payment Method tab

This field is active when the Active radio button is selected in the EFT Info section.

For this EFT-paid vendor, specify the addenda type that should be used as a default when entering Payment Info for transactions in the AP Transaction Entry form.

Note: Addenda settings in this form are passed only to invoices that are entered in the AP Transaction Entry form, not to invoices entered in the AP Unapproved Invoice Entry form. Instructions for adding EFT addenda information to already approved, ready-to-post vendor invoices are included in Posting Approved Invoices.
  • Tax Payment – Select this option if this is an IRS vendor and you want payroll withholding automatically paid by EFT. The EFT download will include an EFT payment to the IRS with an addenda record indicating the tax form code, tax period end date, and amount. Social security, medicare and withholding amounts must be input by the user in AP Transaction Entry. Other Federal tax payments can be entered manually through AP Transaction Entry. Types of Federal tax payments are limited to those outlined in "EFTPS Payment Instruction Booklet". Without this option selected, tax payments cannot be made via EFT.

  • Child Support– Select this option if you wish to remit child support payments via EFT. The EFT download will include an EFT payment to the state agency with an addenda record containing the employee number and amount withheld. When the PR AP Update is run, it will generate a payment record for the state agency specified as vendor. The payment can be edited/deleted in AP Transaction Entry. Child support payments to state agencies can also be manually generated through AP Transaction Entry by selecting the vendor and choosing 'Child Support' in the Addenda field and entering the required EFT addenda info.

  • Stub Detail – Select this option if you want to include invoice detail with the vendor’s EFT payment. This option can be used for any vendor (except for those requiring Tax or Child Support addenda). When the EFT Download is run, all vendors in the batch set up for EFT that have this addenda type will automatically have CTX format addenda text records created in the download. One addenda for each line of detail will include the APRef, invoice date, description, gross amount and net amount [gross - (retainage + discount)].

Viewpoint does not currently support state EFT tax payments.