AP Invoice Lines Subject to On-Cost Default

Subject to On-Cost - Select this check box if this subcontractor/vendor is subject to on-cost. When selected, the system auto-selects the Subject to On-Cost check box for each invoice line entered for this vendor in AP Transaction Entry. Once you select this check box here, the system enables the JC Cost Type field.

JC Cost Type - If you want to specify a cost type for generating on-cost invoices, enter the cost type in this field or press F4 to select from a list of valid cost types. When you enter an invoice line for this subcontractor in AP Transaction Entry, the cost type in that form must match the one you specify here, or the system automatically deselects the Subject to On-Cost check box for that line; however, you will be able to re-check the box if necessary.

By entering a cost type here, you can set a specific cost type to use for subcontractors whom you are paying burden/on-cost amounts. For all other job cost types you enter in AP Transaction Entry, the system will not generate on-cost invoices. If you do not enter a cost type here, the system automatically selects the Subject to On-Cost box in AP Transaction Entry for every invoice line associated with this subcontractor.