About Vendor Compliance for Non-PO/SL Invoices

With Vista, you have the ability to track compliance for invoices that are not associated with purchase orders and/or subcontracts.

If you track compliance for non-PO/SL invoices, there are two options in AP Company Parameters that need to be set in order to implement this feature:

  • Check compliance on transaction entry, warn only – select this option if you want the system to check vendor compliance when posting non-PO and SL invoices. If selected, and you are entering a non-PO/SL invoice for which the vendor is out of compliance, a warning displays, but the entry is allowed. If you do not select this option, the system does not check invoices for vendor compliance.

  • Don't add Vendor to Paym't batch if “out of compliance” – select this option if you do not want “out of compliance” non-PO/SL transactions initialized into a payment batch. If not selected, the payment initialization process includes out-of-compliance invoices.

Note: Setting these options is only part of the setup required for implementing compliance checking for non-PO/SL transactions. You must also make sure to appropriately flag each compliance code you want verified in the HQ Compliance Codes form.