1099 Type

The 1099 Type field on the AP 1099 Types form.

Enter a code, up to 10 characters, that will identify the 1099 Form type. Vista™ software provides the standard “MISC” (Miscellaneous) 1099 type, and you must set up any others that your company uses.

1099 types are used for accumulating 1099 amounts. For filing purposes, acceptable 1099 types are “MISC” (Miscellaneous Income), “INT” (Interest Income), "NEC" (Non-employee Compensation), and “DIV” (Dividends/Distributions).

Note: When processing 1099s, the form type determines what application you must use. If you need to e-file and/or print Forms 1099-MISC, DIV, or INT, you must use Aatrix. If you need to e-file Form 1099-NEC, you can use Aatrix or Vista; however, if using Vista, you can only generate the e-file and save it locally for submission to the IRS..

If you are using 1099 types only for informational or reporting purposes, and not for filing, any type is acceptable.