AP Independent Contractor Rpt Form

Use the AP Independent Contractor Rpt form to create the Independent Contractors report (US only).

This form displays only when the United States is set as the country for the current company (HQ Company Setup form).

You can only access this report if you are using the Independent Contractor Reporting feature (subject to 1099 Reporting check box being selected in the AP Company Parameters form). Access this form in one of two ways:

  • From the AP Processing Menu

  • From the AP Batch Processing form after processing a payment batch (AP Payment Posting). With this method, once you have successfully posted a batch, if there are any qualifying contractors, a confirmation message displays. Click Yes to display the AP Independent Contractor Rpt form. If you click No, the AP Batch Process form closes and you must access the report from the AP Processing menu.

    Note: Qualifying contractors are those that have received payment for services from a company within reporting state, have a 1099 'Misc' filing type, have not been reported in current year, and have met or exceeded the payment threshold.

When you preview and/or print the report, the system updates the report date to the "ICRptDate" column in APFT and the 'Last Reported Activity' field in AP Vendors. If the report is opened in preview mode, it can be exported to email or a file, printed, or sent to a fax machine.

You can use the Clear option to clear the report date for all vendors on the report. Use this button only if the report date has been updated to APFT (via the Preview or Print options) and you want to enter a different date or are not sending the report to the state.

Note: The report used for contractor reporting is determined by the Independent Contractor Report Title specified in AP Company Parameters. If you did not specify a custom (user-defined) report, the standard AP Independent Contractor Report is used.