Correct 1099-NECs Generated in Vista

In the event that you need to submit a corrected 1099-NEC electronic file that you generated and saved locally in Vista, you must use Aatrix.

If you used Vista to generate and save your 1099-NEC e-file, you must use Aatrix to file any corrections; you cannot make corrections and generate the corrected e-file in Vista.

The following instructions detail the steps needed to correct 1099-NECs generated in Vista.

  1. In AP Vendors, make sure you have set up the vendor's full name. This information is needed when processing 1099s via Aatrix.
  2. In AP 1099 Processing, select the vendor/tax year to correct using the Year Ending, Vendor, and 1099 Type fields. The 1099 Type must be NEC.
  3. Select Tasks > Download.
    The AP 1099 Download form displays.
  4. Enter the required information and click Launch Aatrix.
    The AP 1099 Aatrix Print and eFile form displays.
  5. In the Form Type field, select 1099 NEC.
  6. Click Continue to launch the Aatrix wizard.
  7. Follow the prompts in the Aatrix wizard to complete the process.
  8. Once you have successfully completed processing your 1099-NECs via Aatrix, you can correct and refile your 1099s.