AP T5018 Payments Form

Use the AP T5018 Payments form to set up reporting period and other information used to generate T5018 reports for filing to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).

This form displays for Canadian companies only.

Once you set up a reporting period, you will use the Info tab to enter contact information for the person that the CRA should contact regarding any problems with your filing. You can then generate vendor payment totals and use the Vendor Payments tab to verify and edit information as needed. Once you complete any necessary edits, you will use Aatrix to generate and File T5018 slips and summaries.To print T5018 slips and summaries using Vista, see Generate T5018 Slips and Summaries.

Note: Aatrix does not send data back to Vista; therefore, if you need to amend your T5018s, you must do so directly in Aatrix. You cannot update the information in this form and re-upload it to Aatrix. For more information, see Make Corrections to Regulatory Filings via Aatrix.

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