Purge T5018 Totals (Canada)

You can purge T5018 data from the system by reporting period.

Submit your T5018 reports before purging.
Use the Annual T5018 Totals tab in the AP Purge form to delete/purge T5018 data for a specified reporting period. When purging, the system deletes records from the bAPFT and the vAPT5018PaymentDetail database tables.

To purge taxable payments records:

  1. Open the AP Purge form and select the Annual T5018 Totals tab.
  2. Check the Annual T5018 Totals box.
    The system enables the Period End Date field.
  3. Enter the date that you wish to purge through in the Period End Date field. The system will purge exactly one year prior to, and including, this date.
  4. Click Purge.
    The system displays a confirmation dialog.
  5. Click Yes.
The system purges T5018 data for all vendors for the specified period.