Disc Taken

If you initialized payments and selected the Apply Discounts check box (in AR Initialize Receipt), this field defaults the available discount amount (Disc Offered field minus the Prev DiscTaken field), as long as you apply payment before the Discount Date and it covers the entire balance due of the invoice; otherwise, this field defaults as 0.00. Override this amount as necessary.

If you are applying payments manually, this field defaults the available discount amount, as long as the transaction date is equal to or less than the invoice's discount date and the Total Applied value fully covers the current amount due for the invoice. Otherwise, the field defaults to 0.00.

If you override the default amount, specify any discount amount, as long as it does not exceed the available discount amount. To override this restriction, select the Remove Input Restrictions check box in AR Payment Detail.

Note: You can also auto apply the discount taken by pressing Ctrl + A in the Total Applied column (after the payment amount is entered). If the payment date is greater than the discount date, auto-apply the discount by pressing Ctrl + W. These options are only available if the invoice has an offered discount. For more information, refer to Posting Shortcuts in Related Topics below.

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