Total Applied

This column displays the total amount of payment applied.

If you initialize payments, the system automatically applies the payment to the first invoice with a balance in the Current Due column. If the payment exceeds the Current Due value, the system automatically forwards the remaining balance to subsequent invoices in the same manner. Override this amount as necessary.

If you are manually applying payments, or overriding an initialized amount, enter the total amount of the payment to apply to this invoice. Press Ctrl + A to automatically set this amount to the Current Due value. If a discount is active, do not subtract that amount. The system automatically adjusts the Total paid (displayed in the Total field in the header) once you enter the discount amount.

Note: Pressing Ctrl + A also accomplished the following actions:
  • The Tax Applied column is set to the amount in the UnPaid Tax field (Invoice Totals section of the form).

  • The FC Applied column is set to the amount in the UnPaid FC field.

  • The Disc Taken column is set to the available discount amount (Disc Offered field minus the Disc Taken field)

  • The Tax Disc column is set to the amount in the Avail Tax Disc field.

For information on other shortcuts (e.g. tax reversal, apply retainage, etc.) that can be implemented from this field, see Posting Shortcuts below.


Posting Shortcuts