Include Retainage

Check this box to have part or all of this payment applied to the invoice’s unpaid retainage. When checked, the system applies payment to the unpaid retainage, as long as the amount of the payment is enough to cover both the amount due and the unpaid retainage. (Note: If you are using the Distribute Tax to Retainage feature (AR Company Parameters), unpaid retainage includes retainage tax; therefore payment will be applied to the retainage tax portion as well.)

Note: Use of this option will reset the Options menu in AR Cash Receipts to ‘Show Open Invoices and Unpaid Retainage’ so that the grid will include those Retainage Only invoices on which cash was automatically applied. The option remains selected until changed by user.

Leave this box unchecked if you do not want the payment to be applied to the invoice’s unpaid retainage. You can still apply retainage manually.