GL Acct

Enter the GL account for this miscellaneous cash receipt transaction line, or press F4 for a list of GL accounts.

The initial default depends upon the specified line type:

  • Other – Defaults as null.

  • Job – Defaults to the cost type or phase override Open WIP Acct or Closed WIP Acct (if job/contract closed and you allow posting to closed jobs) defined for the contract item's department in JC Departments.

Note: If this is a previously posted transaction and the posted job is closed, this field may default the Open WIP Acct; however, the batch process will correctly post the line's amount to the Closed WIP Acct.
  • Equip – Defaults to the GL account for the cost type or cost code (if override GL account by cost code) from the department assigned to the equipment.

If this miscellaneous cash receipt transaction line is intended to process the refund of a purchase amount previously paid to a vendor, and not to record a new sale, select a GL account whose Account Type is E-Expense (set in GL Chart of Accounts).