Apply RetgTax

This field only displays if you have checked the Include Apply RetgTax in Grid option (Options menu).

If you are using the ‘Distribute Tax to Retainage’ feature (AR Company Parameters), defaults a retainage tax amount based on the amount of payment applied to the line’s retainage amount. For example, if the UnPaid Retainage is $115.00 ($100 retainage, $15 retainage tax), and you apply 50% of that ($57.75), this field would default as 7.75 (50% of the retainage tax). You may override as necessary; however, you cannot apply an amount that exceeds the unpaid retainage tax or the ‘Apply Amount’.

Important: Although you can override the input restriction by checking the ‘Remove Input Restrictions’ option above the grid, it is not recommended unless you have a complete understanding of how data is tracked within the detail and distribution tables.

If you elected to automatically apply the payment to retainage (Include Retainage option, AR Initialize Receipt), the system will apply the payment to both the Amount Due and UnPaid Retainage/UnPaid Retg Tax for each item until payment is satisfied. If the amount of the check is not sufficient to cover these amounts, the payment will be applied to the Amount Due only. Adjust applied amounts manually for any item.

Tip: To set the Apply RetgTax automatically for this line, place focus in the Apply Amount column and press Ctrl + G. (Note: Sets both the Apply Retg and Apply RetgTax amounts as applicable.)