Payment Receipt Overrides

You can apply more of a payment to Tax, Retainage, Finance Charges, or Discounts than is available or due for the invoice.

By default, the system does apply discount amounts greater than 'offered' amounts.
Note: 'Disc Offered' (and 'Avail TaxDisc') values are always 0.00 when not entered at the same time as the invoice was posted.
If you need to adjust the 'available' or 'due' amounts, enter an adjustment transaction in the AR Invoice Entry form to allow for proper updates and GL accounting.

However, you can apply overrides without creating an adjustment by selecting the Remove Input Restriction check box in the AR Payment Detail form (AR Cash Receipts > Payment Detail button).

For example, if you want to apply a larger discount for an invoice than was originally offered, select this check box and then enter the desired discount amount for each line on the invoice. Once you click OK, the system adjusts the total paid amount accordingly.
Note: Before you apply any overrides, it is strongly recommended that you have a complete understanding of how data is tracked within the detail and distribution tables.