About the AR Credit Notes Form

You can use the AR Credit Notes form to track conversations and information relating to a customer's account (e.g. disputes, overdue payments, etc.).

Each time contact is made with a customer, it can be recorded in this form, along with the dates of contact, follow-up dates, the related invoice (if applicable), a brief summary of the conversation that occurred, and any notes that pertain to each situation. Each entry will also record the user who added the note and the creation date. A checkbox is used to indicate matters that have been resolved.

The Customer Notes tab allows for viewing, adding, or editing additional notes/information about the customer. Because this tab updates the AR Customers, notes can be accessed from here or from the AR Customers form.

Information entered in this program is not used in any of the AR programs; however, the information can be reviewed in the AR Customer Notes report and can be used for other reporting needs.