Subtotal Level

Indicate the lowest level of subtotals you want printed on all MS invoices for this customer. May be overridden by quote (MS Quotes) or by invoice (MS Invoice Edit).

  • 1 = Customer Job

  • 2 = Customer Job/Customer PO

  • 3 = Customer Job/Customer PO/Date

  • 4 = Customer Job/Customer PO/Date/Location

  • 5 = Customer Job/Customer PO/Date/Location/Material.

  • 6 = Customer Job/Customer PO/Date/Location/Material/UM. (Quantity subtotals only available at this level.)

The Level you select may be affected by other setup options in AR and in Material Sales. Therefore, you should review those setup options before selecting an option here.

MS Company Parameters — There are two sort options that will affect what subtotal levels can be used: Sort by Sales Date and Sort by Location. If both are checked, all subtotal levels are available. If the Sort by Sales Date option is unchecked, the date will not print on invoices; therefore, Level 3 cannot be used. If Sort by Location is unchecked, the location will not print on invoices, and Level 4 cannot be used.

AR Customers — You have the option to specify that separate invoices will print for each Customer, Customer/Job, or Customer/Job/PO#. If you are printing separate invoices per Customer, then all subtotal levels are available. If printing separate invoices per Customer/Job, Level 1 cannot be used. If printing separate invoices per Customer/Job/PO#, then Levels 1 and 2 cannot be used.

Note: In addition to subtotals being printed at the selected level, subtotals will also be printed for each level above the selected level.