Use Date or Days Older Than

Select the appropriate write-off option:

  • Use Older Than Date – Use this option to write-off account balances, invoice balances, and finance charges older than the date specified in the Older Than Date field.

  • Use Days Older Than – Use this option to calculate the "older than date" based on a specified number of days. The system calculates the “older than date” using the current date and subtracting the specified number of days. For example, if you enter 60 days, and the current date is 08/01/08, the “older than date” will default as 06/02/2008. This date is compared to 'I' (Invoice) type transactions only when determining which transactions should apply to this write-off process.

Note: If you enter a date in the Start Date field, the system uses the "older than date" (specified or calculated) in conjunction with the Start Date to determine transactions to include in the write-off process. For more information, see the Start Date F1 Help.