About the AR Finance Charge Form

Use the AR Finance Charge form to calculate finance or service charges on overdue customer balances.

You can assess finance charges to a select customer or have the system assign finance charges to all customers that meet certain criteria. This topic provides links to separate topics that discuss each method.
Note: Regardless of which method you choose, finance charges can only be calculated on posted values. Amounts or records in any open invoice, payment, retainage, or finance charge batches are ignored.

Other Info Tabs

The Other Info tabs on both the header and detail sections of the form display additional information. The header tab displays information for the invoice finance charge type, including Original Invoice Amount, Current Invoice Amount, Invoice FC Basis, JC Co, Contract, and Description. The detail tab displays a different information section for each finance charge type. For "Invoice" types, line total amount information displays. For "On Account" types, the On Account FC Basis Amount displays. For "Rec Type" types, the Based upon Invoice#, Invoice Trans ApplyMth, and Invoice ApplyTrans fields display.