Invoice #


If you are using the Automatically Number Invoices option (AR Company Parameters), this field defaults the next sequential invoice number available. May be overridden; however, the override value will not be updated to the Last Invoice Number in AR Company Parameters.

If you are assigning invoice numbers manually, enter the invoice number, up to 10 characters. (Note: Invoice number will be checked against existing invoice numbers in AR and JB. If the number already exists for any posted or non-posted invoice for any customer in the current AR company, or for any active, changed, or deleted billing (not yet interfaced) in any JB/JC company using the current AR company, a warning is displayed; however, the entry will be allowed.

If this is an adjustment, credit memo, or write-off transaction, this field is disabled and no invoice number is assigned. However, you will need to select the invoice to which the adjustment, credit memo, or write-off applies via the invoice lookup window (displayed automatically for Adjustment, Credit Memo, or Write-off transactions). Once you select the 'apply to' invoice, that invoice number displays in this field.