Tax Code

This field is enabled only when the Post Taxes on Invoices check box is selected in AR Company Parameters.

Enter the tax code by which taxes will be calculated for this invoice. Initially defaults the tax code specified for the customer in AR Customers (if non-contract invoice) or the contract item in JC Contract Items (if contract invoice).

Adjustment Transactions

If adjusting an existing transaction line, this field is disabled. If the adjustment is being entered to correct the tax code, use the following procedure:

  1. Apply equal negative values to the existing line. This will zero out the line to cancel it.

  2. Add new line with the appropriate amounts. The Tax Code field will now be enabled, allowing you to enter the correct Tax Code. This will assure that tax amounts will be distributed to the correct tax code.

    If adding a new invoice line, this field is enabled and will remain enabled until you post the batch.

    Credit Memo / Write-Off Transactions

    This field will always be disabled, as credits or write-offs must always ‘credit’ the same tax code as specified on the original invoice. You will however, be able to enter a credit amount and credit tax basis, which will then calculate the correct amount of tax to credit or write off.