Trans Type

Specify the transaction type for this transaction:

  • Invoice – Use this type when entering invoices.

  • Adjustment – Use this type to post an amendment to an existing invoice.

  • Credit Memo – Use this type to credit amounts of an existing invoice.

  • Write Off – Use this type to write-off amounts of an invoice for which payment cannot be collected.

For Adjustment, Credit Memo, or Write Off transaction types, once you tab off this field, the screen displays the ‘apply to’ lookup window so that you may select the invoice to which the Adjustment, Credit Memo, or Write Off applies. You must select an 'apply to' invoice in order to save the record.

  • If you do not select an 'apply to' invoice (i.e. you cancel out of the 'apply to' lookup window), attempts to save the record will display a message indicating that the invoice number is required. Upon closing the message, focus will return to this field. You will need to tab off the field to redisplay the 'apply to' invoice lookup, and then select the applicable invoice.

  • You can review information about the ‘apply to’ invoice using the Other Info tab (Lines section). Information includes the original invoice number and posting month, transaction number, and line number, as well as the original and current due invoice, tax, retainage, and finance charge amounts.