About Invoices Interfaced from JB, MS, and SM

The Job Billing (JB), Material Sales (MS), and Service Management (SM) modules all provide the means to create their own invoices.

In the JB and MS modules, you have the option to use the AR invoice numbering system when creating new invoices. If you elect to use the AR invoice numbering system in JB or MS, the system will automatically generate invoice numbers based on the invoices from all three modules.

Service Management automatically generates invoice numbers based on the Last Invoice Number field in AR Company Parameters; however, you can manually override the default. Overrides will not affect the Last Invoice Number field.

Invoices created in JB, MS, or SM are automatically assigned an "Invoice" transaction type. Although you can apply adjustments, credit memos, write-offs, or cash receipts to these invoices in AR, you cannot edit them in AR. All edits must be done via the originating invoice form (i.e. JB Progress Billing, JB T&M Bill Edit, MS Invoice Edit, or SM Invoice Review).