Transaction Lines

Transaction lines are used to identify portions of an invoice or payment that are to be billed or paid separately.

Every transaction must have at least one transaction line.

When posting invoices (AR Invoice Entry), you can choose to post one transaction line that represents the lump sum of the invoice, or you can post several transaction lines, each representing a portion of the invoice. If the invoice references a contract, each transaction line entered must specify the contract item to which it applies. This method provides an automatic breakdown of the invoice by contract item. You may choose to break down the invoice even further by posting multiple line items for each contract item, allowing you for example, to separate material revenue, equipment revenue, or miscellaneous revenue.

When posting in the AR Cash Receipts program, each transaction line represents an Invoice, Finance Charge, or Released Retainage transaction.

Transaction line inputs are determined by the transaction type and various flags settings. For example, when posting invoices, discounts can only be posted if the Allow Discounts on Invoices & Receipts option in the AR Company Parameters program is selected. If set otherwise, the discount field will be disabled.