About the AR Company Parameters Form

You can use the AR Company Parameters form to set up the various control options for Accounts Receivable (AR) processing in a company. You must define these options before you begin processing in AR.

Each company in which Accounts Receivable processing will occur must be set up here. It is important that you take time to understand the effects of all choices for each setup question. The options you select will affect which Accounts Receivable programs you will use, how the programs work, and how other accounting modules will be affected by Accounts Receivable. It is suggested that this Company Setup program be restricted so only the system administrator has access to it.


Cash Management Options

The CM tab is used to define the Cash Management company, default CM account, and the CM interface level. The CM Company is the company in which cash account detail for the AR company is located, and is also the CM company updated when transactions are posted.

Typically, you should not change the CM company once processing has begun. However, if desired, you can change the CM company as long as there are no open Cash Receipts or Miscellaneous Cash Receipts batches. If open receipts batches exist, the CM company field is grayed out and inaccessible.