Beginning Check #

The Beginning Check # field on the CM Accounts form.

Enter a valid check number to use as the default beginning check number when printing computer checks in Accounts Payable and Payroll. Must be a number greater than zero, with no leading zeros or special characters. Up to 10-digits allowed.

When you run AP Check Print or PR Check Print, the system defaults this number in the Beginning Check # field of the applicable form when this CM account is specified. Once the check run is complete, the system updates this field with the last check number used plus one.

If you do not enter a value in this field, the system uses standard defaulting for check numbers; that is, the highest check number recorded in the system, plus one.

Note: The standard default method for check printing includes manually entered check numbers that may be out of the range of computer printed check numbers, which can result in the next default value being out of sync with the actual numbers available for computer printed checks. Entering a value in this field ensures that the system defaults the correct beginning check number when running a check print for this account.