Reconcile CM Accounts When Bringing CM Live After Other Modules

You can reconcile CM Accounts while bringing CM live after other modules have been implemented.

If you are implementing CM several months after the other modules, then you have probably been updating checks and deposits and reconciling bank statements manually. Unless you want to reconcile all of these bank statements again in CM, you need to complete the following steps to reconcile each CM bank account.

To reconcile CM accounts after the other Vista modules have been implemented:

  1. Set the GL Interface Level to ‘No Update’ and check the Allow Changes to Statement Beginning Balance box in the CM Company Parameters form.
  2. Enter a dummy first statement with a beginning balance of zero and an ending balance that is equal to the beginning balance of your first live statement in the CM Statement Control form.
  3. Using the dummy statement, clear all entries that have cleared the bank (on any statement before your first live statement) in the CM Clear Entries form.
  4. In the CM Outstanding Entries program, determine the amount of the variance on the dummy statement and post the amount as a single adjustment using the dummy statement.
  5. Using the dummy statement, clear the adjustment entry posted in Step 4 in the CM Clear Entries form. The working balance and the statement balance should balance at this point.
  6. In CM Statement Control, close the dummy statement. See “Reconciliation Process” in this help file or the CM Processing log for instructions on how to reconcile your first live statement.
  7. In the CM Company Parameters form, review all settings and make any necessary changes for live processing. In particular, set the GL Update Level to the desired level with the appropriate journal indicated, and uncheck the Allow Changes to Statement Beginning Balance box.
  8. Review the AP, AR, and/or PR Company Parameters forms to ensure that the CM flags have been set up properly.