About the GL Report Categories Form

Use the GL Report Categories form to define a series of major and minor categories that you can assign to a GL Account Part 1 Instance.

You can then use these major and minor codes to categorize and group financial statement sections within specific reports, such as GL Balance Sheet, GL Income Statement, and GL Statement of Cash Flow.

Minor categories can exist only in the context of a major category. Major categories can contain one or more minor categories, but they can also exist without minor categories.

The steps in setting up the GL Income Statement report are used also in setting up the GL Balance Sheet and GL Statement of Cash Flow reports, so it is recommended that you complete the setup for the GL Income Statement report first.

Note: When Vista is installed, this form is initially populated with sample records that you can use or modify as needed to generate reports. If these values are changed, the system has no mechanism to re-populate the original values.