Minor Category: Cash Flow Statement Order

Enter a unique number, up to 6 numerals, to specify the order on cash flow statements for the GL accounts associated with this minor category.

For GL Income Statement reports

  • Leave this field blank.

For GL Balance Sheet reports

  • Leave this field blank.

For GL Statement of Cash Flow reports

Enter a three digit number:

  • For all minor categories that will be assigned to accounts that you want consolidated into the Cash Flow from Operating Activities section of the report, use the same three digit number with a value of 100-199.

  • For other minor categories, enter a unique number from 200-699 to specify the grouping of accounts within the following categories on the report, as follows:

    • 200-299 — Adjustments to Reconcile to Net Income to Net Cash Flow

    • 300-399 — Decrease (Increase) in Current Assets

    • 400-499 — Increase (Decrease) in Current Liabilities

    • 500-599 — Cash Flow from Investing Activities

    • 600-699 — Cash Flow from Financing Activities

Note: Make sure that the number used in this field is unique, and is not used for as any other minor category under any major category.