About the GL Add Transaction to Batch Form

Use the GL Add Transaction Batch form (accessed by selecting File > Add Transaction option from the GL Journal Transaction Entry form) to add existing journal transactions (i.e. those that have already been posted) to the current batch.

You can add transactions one at a time using the GL Transaction# field. You will generally use this option if you only need to pull one transaction into the batch or when adding multiple transactions of differing journals and/or reference numbers.

If you have multiple transactions that use the same journal and reference number, you can pull all of them in at one time by entering the applicable values in the Journal and Reference fields.

Important: If you delete a transaction that you have added back into a batch, you will need to delete the Reference number (in GL Journal References) to remove it from the system; this is not done automatically.

Once you have entered the applicable criteria, click Add to Batch. A message displays indicating the transaction was successfully added and allowing you the option to add another transaction. You can repeat this process for as many transactions as you need. Click No if you are done adding transactions.