About the GL Auto Reversal Init Form

Use the GL Auto Reversal Init form to initialize reversal entries.

You can access this form in one of two ways:

  • If you are creating a new batch of reversals, this form will display automatically once you click OK in the Batch Selection form. You must initialize entries before you can access the GL Auto Reversal Entry form.

  • If you are already working with an open reversals batch, you can access this form by selecting the Initialize Entries option from the File menu of GL Auto Reversal Entry.

You can initialize reversals for any reversing journal (those with the Auto Reverse option checked in GL Journals), as long as reversal entries exist for that journal. You specify the month of the original entries, the transaction date, and the references to reverse. Once you click Initialize, the initialization process will create reversing entries for each reference, skipping those that have already been reversed. When initialization is complete, a message displays indicating the number of entries initialized. Click Close to open the GL Auto Reversal Entry form.