About Fiscal Year for Management Reporter

When you are setting up a fiscal year in GL Fiscal Years, you will typically set your Management Reporter fiscal year equal to the Fiscal Year Ending month.

For example, if your Fiscal Year Ending month is 12/11, you will set the Fiscal Year for Management Reporter to 2011. However, if you have multiple fiscal periods within the same year (i.e. split years), the Fiscal Year for Management Reporter will need to be different for each fiscal period, as Management Reporter does not currently allow multiple fiscal periods with the same year number. You can still use the standard fiscal year for one of the fiscal periods, but you will need to use a unique number for the second fiscal period. Although you can enter any unique number, you may want to use a number that easily identifies the fiscal year but won't run the risk of interfering with another fiscal year. One suggestion would be to add a unique first digit, with the remaining digits the same as the fiscal year.

For example, if your fiscal year currently runs from June to June, but you want to change it to run January to December, you might set up your fiscal years something like this:

First Entry:

Fiscal Year Ending Month: 06/11

Beginning Month: 07/10

Fiscal Year for Management Reporter: 2011

Second Entry:

Fiscal Year Ending Month:12/11

Beginning Month: 07/11

Fiscal Year for Management Reporter: 2011