Use This Code for "All Invoice" Compliance

Check this box to use this compliance code for 'all invoice' vendor compliance checking. If you have specified to 'check vendor compliance on transaction entry' (flag in AP Company Parameters), vendors assigned 'all invoice' compliance codes (in AP Vendor Compliance) will be checked for compliance when entering transactions in AP.


It is recommended that you check this option for compliance codes that will be used on non-PO/SL invoices only, and that you use separate codes for PO and SL compliance. If you check this option for a compliance code and then assign the code to a vendor (in AP Vendor Compliance), it will not be added to existing POs or SLs.

Leave this box unchecked if this compliance code will be used to verify compliance for purchase order and subcontract invoices only.


This option also affects the AP Payment Preview with Compliance report. Non PO/SL transactions will only be reported as ‘out of compliance’ on the report if this option is checked for the compliance code.