About the HQ Compliance Groups Form

Use this form to set up compliance groups.

(Master File)

Compliance groups allow you to group compliance codes together for ease of tracking when setting up purchase orders or subcontracts. For instance, you might require one mix of compliance codes when doing commercial work and another when doing federal projects.

For each group you set up, assign all the compliance codes (set up in HQ Compliance Codes) that are associated with a specific type of work. (Compliance codes can be assigned to more than one group.)

Once you have set up all of the compliance groups you will be using, you can then assign them to jobs and/or projects (in JC Jobs or PM Projects) to be used as defaults when entering subcontracts and purchase orders. When a subcontract or purchase order is entered for the job or project, all compliance codes defined for the specified compliance group will be initialized to the job/project. (Note: If you do not assign compliance groups at the job/project level, you can manually assign them when entering subcontracts or purchase orders.)

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