Approve with missing data

Approve with missing data check box in the HQ Reviewer Group form

The system enables this column when you select 1-Invoice from the Reviewer Group Type drop down. The default value for each reviewer comes from the same-named check box in the HQ Reviewers form. You can override an individual reviewer's permission for this group if you want, by clicking the box on that reviewer's record.

The setting on this check box provides the default value that is applied by the system when the reviewer gets placed on an invoice line in the AP Unapproved Invoice Entry form. Other factors may override this default setting at the invoice line level. See About Reviewer Groups' Interaction with Individual Reviewers for more details.

When the check box is selected on the invoice line, the reviewer can approve it even if it lacks some portion of data. This allows the lines to progress in the review process. The missing data must still be entered before posting, but can be entered at some time after the reviewer's approval.