About the JB Bill Initialization Form

Use this form to generate Job Billing invoices based on completed progress and costs (progress billings) or cost data from the JC Cost Detail table (T&M billings).

You can access this form from the Programs menu of Job Billings or by selecting File > Initialize Billing from JB Progress Billing.

The Initialize Option allows you to specify what items to initialize. You can initialize only Progress or only T&M items, or you can initialize a combination of both. For a full description of these options, see the Initialize Option F1 help.

Once you select the items to initialize, you can use the remaining selection criteria to filter the items to include, specify whether to create a separate invoice for each item bill group, specify the cost detail range and cutoff month, and specify whether to assign invoice numbers.

In addition, if you are using the invoice review and approval workflow (that is, the Use Review and Approval Workflow check box is selected in JB Company Parameters), you can specify whether to auto-select the Ready for Review check box in JB Progress Billing and/or JB T&M Bill Edit for each billing creating during initialization. For information about the review and approval process for billings, see About the Review and Approval Workflow for Job Billings.