Approval Cutoff Date

The Approval Cutoff Date field on the JB Bill Initialization form.

This field is enabled only when:
  • the Initialize Option drop-down is set to B-Progress (P) and Both (B) Items – Initialize (B) Items as T&M or T-T&M (T) Items Only,


  • the Ticketed Cost Options drop-down is set to Y-Include Ticketed Costs or O-Ticketed Costs Only

Enter the approval cutoff date for field tickets to include during bill initialization. Initialization will only include cost detail records that are associated with field tickets approved on or before this date.

If you leave this field blank, initialization includes all cost detail records associated with approved field tickets, regardless of the field ticket approval date.
Note: The cost detail date range and cutoff months specified in the T & M Job Cost Detail Transaction Range section are used only for cost detail not associated with field tickets. For cost detail records associated with field tickets, the system uses the Approval Cutoff Date to determine which records to include. This ensures that all costs associated with a single ticket number are billed together, since they cannot be billed separately.