Moving Progress Billings

You can use the Move tab on the JB Interface form to move progress billings forward a month if you do not want to interface them to AR for the current month when closing the GL for month end.

You can also move progress billings back to the previous month, if necessary.

The grid on the Move tab is identical to the grid on the Interface tab, except for the following differences:

  • Only billings with a status of active will display;

  • The grid always displays bills without an invoice number; and

  • The billings will be ordered by contract, customer, and bill number.

When moving a progress billing forward a month, the system will also move all future progress billings with the same customer and contract that are in the same month. Additionally, all related future progress billings (with the same customer and contract) in the next month will be ordered to occur after the moved billings to maintain consistency.

When moving a progress billing back a month, the system will also move all earlier bills with the same customer and contract that are in the same month, provided that the previous month remains open. Additionally, all related progress billings with an earlier bill number (with the same customer and contract) will also be moved to maintain consistency. All moved bills will be in the same order as in the originating month.

The following steps detail how to move progress billings to the next month.

  1. From the JB Interface form, in the Bill Month field, enter the current bill month for the billings you wish to move.
  2. Select Move Forward or Move Back from the Move Option field.
  3. Check the Move box for each billing in the grid that you wish to move. You can also check the Move all bills box to automatically check the Move box for all billings in the grid.
  4. Click Move. The system displays a confirmation message.
  5. Click Yes to move the billings. The system sets the bill month to the next month for all selected billings and removes them from the grid. The records will redisplay if you enter the corresponding month in the Bill Month field.
For more information about the JB Interface form, see JB Interface Form.